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Between then and now, between the Renaissance and nowadays,
Leonardo da Vinci and his genius continue to animate the pages
of the new book written by Giampaolo Guida.

L'Intreccio Da Vinci

L’Intreccio Da Vinci


Between then and now, between the Renaissance and nowadays

Leonardo da Vinci and his genius continue to animate the pages of the new book written by Giampaolo Guida.
Leonardo again; his astonishing alchemical virtue, his pictorial work and the consequences in the history of his presence in Milan at the end of the fifteenth century interwine with new enigmas and mysteries in a development with a rapid pace.
Desire for knowledge and search for amazement facing of the highest art animate the characters who struggle with their natural enemies moved by cruel egoism and insane desire of possess.
The healing magic of the threads surrounding the Bianca Sforza’s long braid, the Lucrezia Borgia’s twisted bitterness, heirs of Medici family, collectors and critics of art … are just some of the figures who live in a bumpy and exciting narrative development, between the Renaissance past of Leonardo and the present of the
Professor Vallesi, predestined interlocutor who is responsible for the solution of seductive mysteries.
The Beautiful Princess, portrayed by Leonardo on vellum, with her gaze and her hairstyle that conceals a vital power, envelops the spirit of the narration; it is that girl who, despite her premature death, lives over the centuries renewing among humans questions that lead to the truth.

Cover: Leonardo, Self-portrait, 1512-17, Turin, Royal Museums - Royal Library, n. 15571 (Courtesy of the Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali) - Old man sitting, and studies on the movement of the water, 1513 ca. Windsor, Royal LIbrary, n. 12579r - The Beautiful Princess, 1496, Private Collection. © Scripta Maneant 2019

Technical Features

  • Size 14 x 21 cm

  • Pages 288

  • Inside: print 1+1 colors on paper Fedrigoni Arcoprint Edizioni 80 gr.

  • Cover with flaps of 10 cm, print 4+0 colors on 300 gr. matte coated paper, matt laminated and gloss UV varnish

  • Binding: paperback perfect bound

  • Edition Italian


Giampaolo Guida is a professional internist doctor and
homeopath, with more than 30 years old of experience and long studies on medical genetics. This novel, together with a collection of poems that will be published soon, is the result of his parallel interests in music, literature and Renaissance sacred art. He is Knight of the Italian Republic.

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