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Il Teatro Comunale di Bologna - Limited Edition

The great editorial tribute to the history of the Teatro Comunale in Bologna.

Cristo Velato

The Chamber of Secrets into the heart of Naples.

The new images after the restoration; the definitive volume.

A Collection that combines the tradition of the classic fairy tale with the languages of the fresh contemporary art.

The Frescoes of the 15th century – The Ceiling – The Last Judgement
In three volumes the result of the new photographic campaign on 1:1 scale.

A selection of our volumes for bookshops

Scripta Maneant books and series are always made with a direct connection with prestigious museums and/or institutions. Close relationships of partnership also involve private actors of the conservation of art and culture; galleries, collectors, institutions and scholars actively committed in the dissemination of knowledge.

Volumes as Events

Scripta Maneant volumes are events, moments of sharing new discoveries and attributions, commitment to the preservation of the art of all time, and celebrations of the rediscovery of treasures that must be valued and protected. They are cultural and media events, and above all opportunities to share the beauty that the art truly represents; the highest impulse that lives in the depths of every man.

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