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The Mannerism in Italian Museums | Bookshop Edition

The Mannerism in Italian Museums | Bookshop Edition


The journey into the most controversial of the styles of Modern Art


A journey through Art Galleries, Museums, and Place of Worship looking for both celebrated and forgotten masterpieces of Mannerism– the most controversial style in Modern Art. An artistic movement that emerged in the later years of the High Italian Renaissance and continued into the early 17th century. An amazing path through the History of Italian Art to discover paintings representing a very important part of our beauties and treasures.

Description of the volume

  • Size cm 24 x 29,5
  • Pages 384
  • Images 275
  • Language Italian/ English
  • ISBN 978-88-95847-99-3
  • Hardcover with plastic matt lamination and silver hot foil stamp on front and spine.


Alessandra Bigi Iotti, Giulio Zavatta Art Historians and Professors, they have organized exhibitions, events and conferences, and published essays and books in Italy and abroad. Founders of the “Taccuini d’Arte” magazine, they have curated several editions of the “Biennale del Disegno” in Rimini.


• Manner, Mannerism, and Beautiful Manner
• Florence: Genesis and Models of the Manner. Andrea del Sarto and Fra
• Pontormo and Rosso Fiorentino
• Eccentric Artists: Beccafumi, Aspertini, and Pordenone
• At the Origins of the Manner: the Artists in Rome from the Death of
Raphael up to the Sack of Rome: the Closest Disciples
• Artists in Rome in the 1530s
• Diaspora of the Artists and Spreading of the Manner in Italy: Parmigianino from Rome to Bologna
• Parmigianino from Bologna to the Last Yearsin Parma
• Perin del Vaga and the Manner in Genoa
• Polidoro da Caravaggio and the Manner in Naples
• Rosso Fiorentino and the Manner in Central Italy
• Giulio Romano and the Spreading of the Manner in North Italy
• The Manner in Veneto
• The Manner in Lombardy
• The Manner in Florence in the Time of Cosimo I de’ Medici
• Palazzo Vecchio as Emblem of the Cultural Rebirth in Florence: Bronzino and Salviati
• Vasari and Cosimo I de’ Medici
• The Studiolo of Francesco I and the Late Florentine Manner
• The Manner in Rome from 1530 to the Late 1500 Big Yards
• Federico Barocci and His Epigones (Metaurensi Mannerists)
• The Oratorio del Gonfalone
• Villa d’Este in Tivoli
• Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola
• Foreign Artists in Italy in the Time of the Manner
• Northern and Flemish Artists in Veneto

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