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The Comunale Theatre in Bologna | Limited Edition

The Comunale Theatre in Bologna | Limited Edition

The Comunale Theatre in Bologna | The Great Italian Theatres

The volume contains images of the new photographic campaign by Scripta Maneant, donated to the Theatre for puposes of study, restoration, and conservation.
Added to these new, richly detailed, unpublished images is a rich photographic array coming from the historical archive and including posters, stage photos, sketches, drawings, figurine plates, and more material so far never made visible to the general public. The volume is a great editorial tribute to the history of the Comunale Theatre in Bologna, a city institution of international fame, and aims to celebrate its unique and overwhelming story also thanks to the text by the author Prof. Piero Mioli.


  • Introductions
    Editor’s note
    Virginio Merola
    Fulvio Macciardi
    Raina Kabaivanska
    Daniel Oren
    Rolando Panerai
    With Diego, Arthur, and Carmen
  • Intrada
    At a Glance
    A Theatre’s Masks
    Historical Theatre in Villa Mazzacorati - Aldrovandi
  • A Flight Across Time
    From Guasto to Triumph
    All Premieres
    A Half Century Later
    New Republic
    From the South
    Brief at Length
    Fallì l’impresa?
    A Strange Repertoire and Permanent Orchestra
    An Exponential Comunale
    Bringing the Twentieth Century to a Close
    New Faces
    Two in One
    Pentasyllabic Line with Internal Rhyme
    The 1980s
    The 1990s
    The New Century
    Sketches, Drawings, Fashion-Plates 
  • Maîtres et Premières
    Gluck and Il trionfo di Clelia
    Verdi and Don Carlo
    Rossini and the Petite Messe solennelle
    Wagner and Lohengrin
    Gobatti and I goti
    Respighi and Re Enzo
    Mancinelli and Paolo e Francesca
    Puccini and La rondine
    Manzoni and Per Massimiliano Robespierre
    Guarnieri and Il trionfo della notte
    Vacchi and Il viaggio
    Ferrero and Risorgimento!
  • Leads and Luminaries
    Head and Hand
    First Quartet of Batons
    Second Quartet at the Podium
    Few Nineteenth-Century Voices
    Among the Abundance of Twentieth-Century Voices

Description of the work

  • Hard cover coated with Setalux canvas and printed with hot gold. 4+0 colours printed illustration, matt laminated and applied on the front board. Colour process printing on Fedrigoni Tatami White paper 170 gr/m2. Endpapers not printed with Siltex Avorio silk. Insertion of fashion plates and drawings on Cordenons Dalì 160 gr/m2. Slipcase coated with colour process printed paper, hot embossing with foil gold and canvas finishes on the top and on the bottom.

  • Size_ cm 30 x 40

  • Pages_ 392

  • Images_ 252

  • Bilingual edition_ Italian/English

  • Rights_ Worldwide

  • ISBN_ 978-88-95847-77-1


Prof. Piero Mioli
He is from Bologna and teaches history of music. He is Counsellor of the Accademia Filarmonica and President of the cappella dei Servi, and writes for the newspaper ‘Resto del Carlino’. He wrote essays and books on Padre Martini, Rossini, Gluck, Donizetti, Verdi, and on the Opera. He edited a manual on the history of music, several conference proceedings and complete editions of librettos by Verdi, Mozart, Bellini, Rossini and Wagner. Among his latest books, in addition to the reissue of the Dizionario di musica classica in two volumes (BUR), Il melodramma romantico (Mursia) and L’opera italiana del Novecento (Manzoni).

Introductions by
Virginio Merola, Fulvio Macciardi, Raina Kabaivanska, Daniel Oren, Rolando Panerai, Cesare Sughi.


Carlo Vannini
He is one of the greatest Italian art photographers. He has published in volumes and magazines as well as collaborating with advertising agencies and other communication companies. He is a Professor of Photography for Cultural Heritage at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.

Under the patronage of the Municipality of Bologna.
The Editor thanks:
Comunale Theatre Foundation;
International Museum and Library of the Music in Bologna.

New photographic campaign


With the aim of spreading the knowledge and the excellences of Italian Art History we are using materials with an higher level of quality and beauty.


Cover in Setalux 1758 (Dark Blue) and Setalux 1778 (Golden Yellow).


Gold foil in Kurz Luxor 428.

Insertion paper

Cordenons Dalì of 160 gr/mq.


Fedrigoni Tatami White 170 gr/mq.

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