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The definitive work in 7 volumes + 1


The definitive work in 7 volumes + 1


The definitive work in 7 volumes + 1

SMYLEARNING – Encyclopedia for children in three languages

SMYLEARNING – Encyclopedia for children in three languages

Everything young readers need to discover the wonders of the world!

The definitive work in 7 volumes + 1.
Born from the need to guide children between 5 and 10 years of age in their discovery of every area of the World. Each monothematic volume immerses the young reader in the fundamental aspects of flora and fauna, the human body, the wonders of the world and its different cultures, science and technology, and space. The tomes that make up the work feature a vast corpus of images to facilitate and stimulate learning. The collection is completed by an alphabetical index to deepen the meanings of key terms and to allow an alphabetical search that can be easily extended with the references to the thematic volumes.

The coexistence of the three languages, Italian, English and Ukrainian, is aimed not only at conveying educational content to readers of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, but is also an invitation to break down any barriers, spurring the youngest to curiosity and discovery of the world and its pluralities, starting from language, a fundamental vehicle of identity and culture.


Characteristics of the work

  • Size 28,5 x 28,5 cm
  • Pages 640
  • Pictures 800
  • ISBN 979-12-80717-23-8
  • Text Italian/English/Ukrainian
  • Book block printed in 4 colours on paper printed in 4 colours on handmade paper, self covered and stitched with thread.
  • Hardcover printed in 4 colours, folded 300 +300 grams, matt plasticized with UV screen printing varnish.

Project by

Asia Graziano Art historian. Worker in museums, libraries and cultural institutions. She has met the needs of the world of children since her first training experiences at the Educational Department of MAMbo (Museum of Modern Art in Bologna) and the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.
Laura Lopardo Italianist and editor. She has edited publishing projects for children that promote interdisciplinarity between literature and contemporary figurative arts, such as SMYLE – The Art and the Fairy Tale, and was project manager for the fairy tale adaptation of the Divine Comedy.

Work plan

1) Le piante / The Plants/ рослини
2) Gli Animali / The Animals/ тварини
3) Il Corpo Umano / The Human Body / тiло
4) La Terra / The Earth / планета земля
5) Curiosità dal Mondo / Curiosities from the World
/ цiкавий свiт
6) Scienza e Tecnologia / Science and Technology / наука та технологiя
7) Lo Spazio / The Space /космос
8) Indice Alfabetico / Alphabetical Index / Алфавітний покажчик

Illustrations and curiosities to learn with fun!

The volumes’ graphics accompany and stimulate comparison, inviting young readers to peek at how a given concept finds expression in other languages. In fact, the project also lends itself to choral as well as individual reading: children of different mother tongues can enjoy the game of discovery together, comparing and stimulating each other.

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