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San Carlo Theatre in Naples – Bookshop Edition

San Carlo Theatre in Naples – Bookshop Edition


San Carlo Theatre in Naples

The most detailed and exhaustive exposure relating to the San Carlo Theatre, an Italian excellence celebrated around the world. The new photographic campaign reveals every corner of the Theatre, from the stalls up to the tiers, from the stage and curtain up to the velarium. The images furnished by the Archivio Storico del Teatro di San Carlo have allowed the publication of historical photos and rare historical documents. Luigi Cuoco and Sergio Ragni Collection has granted further unpublished material in order to make the most exhaustive and prestigious volume ever made on this Theatre. History of the Theatre is enriched by thematic focuses dedicated to the Abbiati Prize, the Costumes, the Ballet Company, the San Carlo in the world and its restoration. The volume contains a 32-pages insert with historical drawings, sketches and fashion-plates from 1951 and 1999.

New exclusive photo campaign © Scripta Maneant 2020


Editor’s note
Emmanuela Spedaliere
Stéphane Lissner
Rosanna Purchia
Gabriele Ferro
Cecilia Bartoli
Saimir Pirgu
The Dreams of Partenope
From the Sides
Going Back in Time
Ex libris
From the Teatro San Bartolomeo to the Real Teatro di San Carlo
The Theatre Tradition in Naples
The Founding of the San Carlo: from Giovanni Antonio Medrano to Ferdinando
The First Theatre of Antonio Niccolini and Domenico Barbaja: The Fire of 13
February 1816
The Decorative Programme and Allegories
The New Real Teatro di San Carlo and the Inauguration on 12 February 1817
Further Works after the Demolition of Palazzo Vecchio: The Proposed Designs
The Fame of the Real Teatro di San Carlo
• A Flight across Time
New Spring
Set Designers, Impresarios and Copysts
Domenico and Gioachino
Neapolitan Gaetano
Mid-Nineteenth Century
A Mask at the Dance
No Longer a Capital
Born in Naples
A Temple among Temples
A Directorship in the Style of a Viceroyalty
Almost a Diarchy
The Lecouvreur!
The Buoys of the Twenty-First Century
The 1980s
The 1990s
The New Century
Abbiati Prizes
Sketches, Drawings, Fashion-Plates
• Maîtres et Premières
Sarro and Achille in Sciro
Jommelli and Armida abbandonata
Manfroce and Ecuba
Mayr and Medea in Corinto
Rossini and La donna del lago
Donizetti and Lucia di Lammermoor
Pacini and Saffo
Mulè and Liolà
Pizzetti and La figlia di Iorio
Malipiero and Capitan Spavento
Rota e Aladino and la lampada magica
An Evergreen Tradition: Ballet at the San Carlo Theatre
Ballet of the San Carlo Theatre
The Oldest School in Italy
•Divi e Personaggi
Between Refinement and Farce
Rossini’s Company
A Golden Age
Golden Prima Donnas
Queen Renata
A la recherche
The San Carlo Theatre in the World
The Restoration

Description of the volume

  • Size: cm 22,1 x 29,5
  • Pages: 360
  • Images: 226
  • Language: Italian/English
  • ISBN 978-88-95847-94-8
  • Cover in 3 mm thick cardboard covered with black Imitlin, gold laminated on the front plate, back plate and spine, covered with strips printed in 4+0 colours on 150 g glossy matt plastic-coated paper.
  • Inside printed in 4+4 colours on 170 gr. Fedrigoni Satingloss Premium White paper.
  • Endpapers printed in 4+4 colours on 140 gsm white uncoated paper.


Prof. Piero Mioli
He is from Bologna and teaches the history of music. He is Counsellor of the Accademia Filarmonica and President of the Cappella dei Servi, and writes for the newspaper ‘Resto del Carlino’. He wrote essays and books on Padre Martini, Rossini, Gluck, Donizetti, Verdi, and on the Opera. He edited a manual on the history of music, several conference proceedings and complete editions of librettos by Verdi, Mozart, Bellini, Rossini and Wagner. Among his latest books, in addition to the reissue of the Dizionario di musica classica in two volumes (BUR), Il melodramma romantico (Mursia) and L’opera italiana del Novecento (Manzoni).

With texts by Emmanuela Spedaliere, Stéphane Lissner, Rosanna Purchia, Gabriele Ferro, Cecilia Bartoli, Saimir Pirgu, Sergio Ragni.

With the collaboration of Archivio Storico del Teatro di San Carlo.


Carlo Vannini is one of the greatest Italian art photographers. He has published in volumes and magazines as well as collaborating with advertising agencies and other communication companies. He is Professor of Photography for Cultural Heritage at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.

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