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Pompeii | A life revealed – Bookshop Edition

Pompeii | A life revealed – Bookshop Edition


The journey to discover Pompeii,
the magnificence of the villas, temples and squares.

The definitive volume that reconstructs the history of  the discovery and excavation of Pompeii, immersing the reader in every aspect of Pompeian civilisation. A journey to discover the main areas and spaces dedicated to public and private life in Pompeii before the terrible eruption of 79 AD, which fatally decreed both its destruction and its preservation. The magnificence of Pompeii’s villas, temples and squares is brought to life in this volume, together with an exhaustive analysis of the religious, economic, social, residential and funerary life of its civilisation.

Description of the volume

  • Size cm 24 x 29,5
  • Pages 418
  • Images 220
  • Language Italiana
  • ISBN 978-88-7057-295-7
  • Hardcover


Alfredo Foglia
who founded his photographic studio in 1921, is the founder of a family of photographers that has spanned the entire century. Together with his nephew Pio Foglia, who has achieved several specializations in photography, in Italy and abroad, and has collaborated with the National Geographic, they are the authors of the splendid shots that enliven this volume.


Emidio De Albentiis (Milano, 1958)
An expert in Pompeian studies and a qualified tourist guide, since 2005 Professor De Albentiis has been Professor of Style, History of Art and Costume at the “Pietro Vannucci” Academy of Fine Arts, which in 2003 awarded him the title of Honorary Academician. In addition to his academic activity, which has also seen him involved as a visiting professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bilbao, Thessaloniki, Pontevedra, Córdoba Oporto and Nanjing, De Albentiis also stands out for his activity as a militant critic of contemporary art and as a promoter of sensitivity towards art and history, through his collaboration with various cultural bodies and associations.

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