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“You will never know what Petra really is, unless you come in person”
Lawrence d’Arabia

“You will never know what Petra really is, unless you come in person”
Lawrence d’Arabia

Petra Revealed

Petra Revealed


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History, civilization and monuments of the city carved into the rock

A precious book for the tourist but also for those who want to know every aspect of the Pink City by sitting comfortably in their armchairs. A very updated and comprehensive text, over 350 photographs, dozens of maps, drawings, plans and unedited digital reconstructions of the main monuments, page after page Petra revives in all its splendor. An easy-to-use archaeological guide, ideal for those who want to explore the superb Pink City by discovering every aspect, from architecture to the prodigious Nabataean hydraulic systems, from art to the religion of its inhabitants. A unique tool of its kind, essential to get to know one of the most fascinating places in the world.


  • Preface

  • Historical introduction

  • Petra and the Nabataeans

  • Practical information and advice

  • From Bab El Siq To The Theatre

  • The Royal Tombs

  • The Urban Area

  • The Wadi And Jebel Ed Deir

  • The Jebel Al Madhbah

  • Other Areas

  • Big enigmas, small and unanswerable questions

  • Glossary

  • Essential bibliography and photographic references

Description of the work

  • Size_ cm 20,5 x 28,5

  • Pages_ 176

  • Images_ 350 with maps, drawings and plans

  • Language_ English

  • ISBN_ 978-88-95847-69-6

  • Cover_ Paperback with flaps

Author and photographer

Fabio Bourbon
Essayist and author of several travel reportages, he is an expert of history of the civilizations of the past and of the ancient Art. He published over 40 titles translated  worldwide.

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Petra Revealed

Updated guidebook

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