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The Complete Work.
His Villas, Palaces, Churches, Public Buildings, and Religious Buildings.

The Complete Work.
His Villas, Palaces, Churches, Public Buildings, and Religious Buildings.

The Complete Work.
His Villas, Palaces, Churches, Public Buildings, and Religious Buildings.

Palladio Eterno

Palladio Eterno


Looking and Seeing Palladio

Life and works of the great architect who has worked between Renaissance, Mannerism and Baroque, from his apprenticeship to his artistic maturity and fame. The volume proposes a deepening on the “bella facciata” (beautiful facade) and on the relationship between villa and garden, a study on all the buildings made by the great architect, and a conclusive section devoted to his heritage - i.e. the edification of churches after his lesson and the Baroque profane architecture, that of Venice and of neo-Palladian artists.

At the end of the 18th century the drawings from the Four Books of Architecture, the engravings at a 1:1 scale by Ottavio Bertotti Scamozzi, and the corpus of buildings’ diagrams, sections, and elevations, that sometimes bear the measures of elements as frameworks or bases of columns, allow a detailed comprehension of Palladio’s work.

Technical Features

  • Author Christoph Ulmer
  • Size 31 x 40 cm
  • Cover in parchment paper and spine in leather with impressions of hot gold
  • 400 pages with 4+4 colours printing
  • 400 images
  • Binding with stitching with refe thread, and headbands and six nerves on the spine
  • The volume is provided with an elegant slipcase
  • Limited and numbered edition

The Photographic Apparatus

Great photographers as Paolo Marton, Gianni D’Affara, and Pino Guidolotti along with the most important Italian and international Archives have contributed to provide unique images that allow to enter into the buildings, churches, and all those works built following the projects by the great architect. Also the same author, Christoph Ulmer, has made pictures of details of some Venetian villas specifically for this volume.

The Eternal Lesson of the Great Architect


With the aim of spreading the knowledge and the excellences of Italian Art History we are using materials with an higher level of quality and beauty.

Parchment Paper

Coverboards coated by hand-tanned parchment paper, cleaned with a cork spatula according to 16th century processings.


Handmade spine in leather with six nerves and hot gold impressions.


Slipcase covered in matt paper of 200 gr with cialux canvas in viscose at the top and bottom.


4+4 colours printing plus paint of machine on Furioso matt paper of 200 gr.

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