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Our Beloved Angels

Our Beloved Angels


The moving yet hopeful portrait that moves along the “path of tenderness”

Through his professional experience and his passion for the art of photography, Diego Colombo gives us a moving yet hopeful portrait of the elderly of an Italian retirement house. The result is a photographic volume that moves along the “path of tenderness”, the one indicated by Pope Francis to underline the importance of the care we must have for the elderly and lonely people. The photos of these protagonists in the months of the lockdown and the country divided into zones and colours that do not allow them to receive visits and relatives, are an emotional account of their humanity and sweetness.
The author’s comments underline their deep emotional charge.




Mrs. A and Mr. E
Husband and wife, both almost a hundred years old and living in the Retirement House where I work. She no longer has any idea who he is, while he says of her: ‘she must be someone I love very much’, but he can not say who she is. They have lost the cognitive memory of a whole life together, but the emotional and affective memory makes them want to be close all the time. He takes care of her, warms her hands, adjusts her shawl, gives hersweets, holds her hand to calm her when she is agitated.
And she only calms down with him. For me, they are the living image of true love, a love that overcomestime, old age and illness, a love rooted so deep that not even the loss of memory can erase it.

Dozens of images and stories like this animate these poignant pages, in which the protagonists are angels lost amidst the difficulties and loneliness in which old age often forces them, but whose heart is still able to illuminate the existence of every person.

Characteristics of the work

  • Size: cm 27 x 20
  • Pages: 168
  • Images: 100
  • Text: Italian/English
  • ISBN 979-12-80717-00-9
  • Materials Paperback

Photos and Texts

Diego Colombo, 43, passionate about photography and writing. For twenty years he has been working in a retirement home in Castano Primo (MI), dealing with motor rehabilitation.

With texts by

Giovanna Botteri Foreign Policy Journalist, Rai (Italian Radio Television)
Luca Baccolini Journalist for La Repubblica, Bologna
Giampaolo Guida Internist Doctor
Maria Rita Parsi University professor and writer
Felicita Pistilli Journalist, Rai (Italian Radio Television)
Linda Laura Sabbadini Statistic
Laura Villani Architect

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I Nostri Cari Angeli

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