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Missoni | The Great Italian Fashion

Missoni | The Great Italian Fashion


Special and limited edition of 899 hand-numbered copies

Every copy is a unique volume enriched with exclusive original fabrics provided by the Fashion House and applied by craftsmen.

Limited edition of 899 copies of which 100, out-of-commerce and numbered with Roman numerals, are destined for Missoni Family as the Editor's thanks for the collaboration granted for the realization of this Work.
The limited edition of 799 copies, hand-numbered with Arabic numerals and on the market, is so divided: 
Scripta Maneant publisher from copy 1 to copy 699, Rizzoli New York from copy 700 to copy 799.

The Great Italian Fashion

Creativity, ingenuity and inventione; the excellence of Italian art, since the time of Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo, is renewed with the protagonists of a new and celebrated poetic of art. Italian designers and their Fashion Houses, which are workshops of new sensibilities, offer a vision of present and future by the reading of the past and the creation of new artistic languages. Their internationally celebrated Art renovates the experience of the Ancient Masters as the inimitable voice of the most inspired and winning Italian style.

Specifics of the book

  • Size_ 30 x 32 cm

  • Pages_ 348

  • Illustrations_ 260 ca.

  • Bodonian Cover_ Card-boards (3 mm thick) covered with Fedrigoni Sirio Pearl Oyster Shell canvas, 125 g/m2, matt laminated and scratch-proof + hot stamping with one colour, gold, and dry stamping on the front and back boards. On the front board insertion of a fabric provided by the Fashion House. 

  • Spine: leather printed with one colour in gold foil. 

  • Interior_ Size: closed 300 x 320 mm and open 600 x 320 mm.  358 pages with 4+4 colour printing: 48 pages on Old Mill Premium White paper 130 g/m2; 194 pages on Symbol Tatami White paper 170 g/m2; 116 pages on Symbol Tatami Ivory paper 170 g/m2. Endpapers printed with 4+0 colour stamping on Setalux paper and joined on Symbol Tatami White paper 115 g/m2 for the front endpaper and on Symbol Tatami Ivory paper 115 g/m2 for the back endpaper.

  • Preciousness_ 5 four-page-folder with the insertion of Missoni fabric; insertion of 2 fabrics on single pages; 4 PVC sheets printed with the effect of a chromatic overlap; paper pattern with 1+0 colour printing on GSK Extra White paper 110 g/m2 (470 x 700 mm) and bent in twelve-page-folder applied on page; insertion of 16 pages (150 x 210 mm) printed with 4+4 colours on Arcoprint Editions paper 85 g/m2, sewn with black thread and inserted in a Japanese binding four-page-folder printed with 4+0 colours on Symbol Tatami Ivory paper 170 g/m2 and die-cut with a vertical cut.

  • Binding_ Coverboard with thread-stitched text block, Hotmelt glue, square spine with white-leather headcap in Bodonian style, overhand of 4 mm thick.

  • Language_ Italian + English

  • Rights_Available  Worldwide

  • ISBN_ 978-88-95847-68-9

Project coordination and texts
Massimiliano Capella

Editorial coordination
Luca Missoni

Mario Boselli, Luca Missoni

Scientific Committee
Rosita Missoni, Angela Missoni, Luca Missoni, Massimiliano Capella, Bettina Fuortes, Federico Ferrari

Volume datasheet



With the aim of spreading the knowledge and the excellences of Italian Art History and Fashion we are using materials with an higher level of quality and beauty.


Leather printed with one colour in gold foil. 


Hot stamping with one colour, gold (Kurz Luxor 429N).


On the front board insertion of a fabric provided by the Fashion House.


Card-boards (3 mm thick) covered with Fedrigoni Sirio Pearl Oyster Shell canvas, 125 g/mq

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