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The supreme excellence of the Giant of Art.
“The world has got many kings and a single Michelangelo".
Pietro Aretino

The supreme excellence of the Giant of Art.
“The world has got many kings and a single Michelangelo".
Pietro Aretino

The supreme excellence of the Giant of Art.
“The world has got many kings and a single Michelangelo".
Pietro Aretino

Michelangelo Assoluto

Michelangelo Assoluto


The Definitive Work

A concert of authors deals in a more comprehensive way with the overall analysis of Buonarroti's work. Together with his pictorial masterpieces and sculpture, the volume exposes architectural, philosophical and poetic questions also looking at the daily life of the mighty master.

The volume reveals all the humanity and complexity of Michelangelo, and allows to the reader to physically live the parable of this indefatigable creator.

The overall result is a complete vision of Michelangelo, of all his works, and of the deep reasons of the methods that are at the basis of his magnificent and timeless artistic creations.

Technical Features

  • Essays by Lucilla Bardeschi Ciulich, Rab Hatfield, Marina Mattei, Gabriele Morolli, Carlo Pedretti, Claudio Strinati, and Alessandro Vezzosi
  • Size 31 x 40 cm
  • Cover in parchment paper and spine in leather with impressions of hot gold
  • 416 pages with 4+4 colours printing
  • 500 images
  • 16-page insert in parchment paper
  • Binding with stitching with refe thread, and headbands and six nerves on the spine
  • The volume is provided with an elegant slipcase
  • Limited and numbered to 1999 copies edition
  • The volume is enriched by two prints: The Aurora and The Angels with the Symbols of the Passion
  • Numbered and certified litho-silkscreen printing of the possible Self-portrait

The Most Extensive Photographic Apparatus

The richest apparatus of images in the history of art publications on Michelangelo. Aurelio Amendola signs the images that reveal every hidden detail of Michelangelo’s sculptures. The contributions of great international photographic archives and of documents, provided by the most authoritative organs of protection and preservation of artistic treasures, guarantee an unequaled expositive abundance.

Proposals for New Attributions

Great scholars - of recognized credibility and proven knowledge of the mysteries of Renaissance art - propose, with intellectual charm and authority, new attributions that show an unknown Michelangelo. The comparison between contemporary art and the myth embodied by Buonarroti is the further evidence of the wealth of this volume, which is an inalienable travel into the spirit of the artist and of the men who have collected his highest suggestions.


With the aim of spreading the knowledge and the excellences of Italian Art History we are using materials with an higher level of quality and beauty.

Parchment Paper

Coverboards coated by hand-tanned parchment paper, cleaned with a cork spatula according to 16th century processings.


Handmade spine in leather with six nerves and hot gold impressions.


Slipcase coated in matt paper of 200 gr with cialux canvas in viscose at the top and bottom.


4+4 colours printing plus paint of machine on Furioso matt paper of 200 gr.

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