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Extraordinary initiative realized by Scripta Maneant and Vatican Apostolic Library.

Le monete del tempo di Gesù

Le monete del tempo di Gesù


Scripta Maneant and Vatican Apostolic Library, Co-Edition

The extraordinary initiative counts 999 numbered copies. The valuable anastatic reproduction of the incunabulum "Epistolae et evangelia" - kept at the BAV - is enriched by the Commentary edited by Giancarlo Alteri (Emeritus Conservator of the Medagliere Vaticano) and by Laura Lalli (Vatican Apostolic Library). Together with the two volumes there is the reproduction of seven coins too, mentioned in the Gospels and made by the coinage kept at the Apostolic Library which preserves the original copies. The coins are housed in the cover-collector of the Commentary volume.

The Seven Coins

  • Denarius of Augustus (2 B.C.)
  • Shekel (126/5 - 65/6 A.C.)
  • Half Shekel (102/1 B.C.)
  • Drachma of Alexander (III secolo B.C.)
  • Quadrant of August (uncertain date)
  • Assarion of Herod the Great (37 B.C.)
  • Prutah of Pilate (29 A.C.)
  • The reproduction of the seven coins has been authorized by the Vatican Apostolic Library which preserves the original copies

Technical Features

  • Shelf mark: INC II 951 (BAV)
  • Size 21 x 30.6 cm
  • 78 folia (156 pages)
  • Printed in Venice on August 20, 1495 under the pontificate of Alexander VI
  • Original xylographic illustrations of the Opera in “High Definition” according to the scholars of the Apostolic Library
  • Language: vernacular Italian
  • Commentary: Italian/English
  • Excellent anastatic reproduction of the copy today kept at the Vatican Apostolic Library
  • Limited and numbered to 999 copies edition
  • Commentary by Giancarlo Alteri and Laura Lalli
  • The reproduction of the seven coins has been authorized by the Vatican Apostolic Library, which preserves the original copies

The Lectionary

"Epistolae et Evangelae" (copy at the BAV: Inc .II.951) is a lectionary, one of the first printed works published in Venice around the end of the 15th century. This excellent anastatic reproduction refers to one of only two existing versions of the volume; that one preserved at the Vatican Apostolic Library. During the diffusion of the typographic art in Venice, the typographer of the copy - Manfredi Bonelli - distinguished himself above all for the printed works in vernacular. The lectionary is enriched by xylographic illustrations that once helped the readers to understand the meaning of the described scenes. Here we are at the origin of the illustrated book whose outline dates back to the custom of the Renaissance miniaturists and to the research of reconciling the two perspectives, of the sacred space and of the profane.

The Faithful Reproduction of the Monetary Context of Two Thousand Years Ago in Palestine


With the aim of spreading the knowledge and the excellences of Italian Art History we are using materials with an higher level of quality and beauty.


Coated with Indian paper composed by vegetal fibres of tree bark and natural bleaching solutions, and dried on a striped frame to create the particular porosity.


Printed on Arcoprint White paper of 120 gr, and bound with refe thread. Cardboard cover of 3 mm in vegetal cardboard coated with Elephantenaut.


Printed on Gardamatt patinated paper of 150 gr.


Reproduction of the coins in patinated bronze and silvery bronze, and manual processing for reproduction of the irregularities of the original copies.

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