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Archivio 21 – Bookshop Edition

Archivio 21 – Bookshop Edition


The rediscovered poems
by Mario Ramous and the drawings of Concetto Pozzati


This volume is dedicated to unpublished poems by Mario Ramous, rediscovered by Michele Ramous Fabj. To pay homage to his professional life in constant dialogue with art, the poems are accompanied by drawings by Concetto Pozzati, chosen and selected by the “Memory of the future. Mario Ramous” exhibition curator Maura Pozzati, and a text by the poet Giovanni Infelíse.

Description of the volume

  • Size cm 25 x 29,5
  • Pages 92
  • Images 9
  • Language Italian
  • ISBN 979-12-80717-06-1


Mario Ramous (1924-1999)
A fine man of letters, an acute art critic, the original editorial director of the historic Cappelli publishing house, but not only: a man of culture committed to  social and political issues, constantly in favour of a freer and fairer society. He was an open-minded intellectual who was always willing to engage in dialogue while rigorously respecting his principles and autonomy. Among the hundreds and hundreds of initiatives in the world of art, literary criticism and transversal intellectual investigation, this publication dedicated to childhood, which he commissioned and edited in the 1950s, stands out.

Giovanni Infelíse
Poet and literary critic. He contributes to numerous magazines, including Parol, Rendiconti and Capoverso.


  • PRIME POESIE (1946-1949)
  • APPUNTI (1950-1960)
  • LA POESIA, IL TEMPO, LE PAROLE di Giovanni Infelíse



Concetto Pozzati (1935-2017)
Leading figure in Italian contemporary art. He took part in no less than five Venice Biennales and numerous international exhibitions, including the Tokyo and Paris Biennales. He taught at the Fine Arts Academies of Urbino and Venice, a chair that was later inherited by Emilio Vedova.
His beginnings as a painter were characterized by an informal, gestural and material approach, before moving on to new figuration, which led to original results close to Pop-Art.

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